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Empowering enterprises with smarter ITSM solutions


Mpower is our intelligent IT Service Management (ITSM) software. This robust ITSM tool captures data from across the organization to deliver positive outcomes and actionable insights.

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Intelligent IT Service Management Software

Available as SaaS or on premise, Mpower is an out of the box ITSM solution that automatically predicts incidents and rapidly resolves them before they adversely affect the business.

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Our ITSM solution helps you meet all your compliance and governance requirements. We are ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 compliant plus we are successfully ITIL certified compliant against 16 processes.

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Mpower is a functionally rich IT Service Management solution that connects people, functions, and systems to drive productivity, reduce costs and improve customer experiences across the organization.

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Our Service Management solution is easy to integrate with other business apps. From dev ops, collaboration apps, email, identity, and access to records management, Marval connects all your critical business apps to easily create end-to-end digital workflows across all departments.

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Using powerful AI algorithms based on data collated from numerous sources, Mpower delivers informative, reactive, predictive and preventative information enabling you to avoid unplanned down time, offer enhanced service predictability, make more effective use of knowledge and resources and focus on business benefits

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60% More Time Unlocked with Marval's AI & RPA Automation

Say goodbye to repetitive work, manual intervention, and missed maintenance with Marval's automated maintenance and operations.

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