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Marval PowerBI Datasets and portal access

Marval PowerBI Datasets and portal access

Power BI enables service management teams to analyze data more effectively, monitor KPIs, plan resources, make predictions, and collaborate more effectively.

Empower Service Management Teams with Data-Driven Culture through Business Intelligence

Why PowerBI?

  • Power BI simplifies complex data analysis for service management teams with its data visualization tools like charts, graphs, and dashboards. It's especially beneficial for handling large volumes of data and spotting trends and patterns.
  • Power BI enables real-time KPI tracking for service management teams with custom dashboards displaying response times, resolution rates, and customer satisfaction scores. This allows improved monitoring and service performance.
  • Power BI optimizes resource allocation for service management teams by providing capacity planning tools based on demand patterns and service usage data.
  • Power BI's predictive analytics tool enables service management teams to use historical data to anticipate future demand and service needs. This proactive planning approach helps prevent potential issues before they occur.
  • Power BI's cloud-based platform fosters real-time collaboration across teams and departments, allowing service management teams to make data-driven decisions together and increase their overall effectiveness

PowerBI example report SDI SLA

Image 1: Example SDI report 

Marval’s Standard Reporting Service

Transforming service management data into valuable insights has never been easier with Marval's reporting service. You'll gain access to our dedicated Public Portal that offers a broad range of standard report templates with translation layers. These templates make it effortless for Power BI authors to understand data and enhance reports whenever necessary. Our comprehensive pack of PowerBI reports mirrors the SDI 2019 Report pack, ensuring you have everything you need. Our portal provides detailed instructions and guiding documentation for seamlessly deploying reports into your Microsoft Power BI server instance. But we don't just leave you to it! Our regular training sessions will ensure you have the knowledge and support you need to maximize the full potential of our solution. With Marval's reporting service, you can quickly create a data-driven culture that empowers you to make smarter, informed decisions.

How to start?

  1. Contact your Marval sales manager
  2. Install PowerBI if you haven’t done already
  3. Check your security policy in PowerBI
  4. Connect PowerBI to MSM (needs: URL, the name of the SQL database, and the SQL account details)
  5. Marval provides access to Marval’s reporting public portal
  6. Use the SDI reports

Example powerbi license report

Image 2: Example SDI report 

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