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ITSM solution for your IT and Service infrastructure


For IT Managers, Marval offers a real-time, global picture of your entire IT and service infrastructure to ensure that you get no surprises.

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As an IT manager, you face numerous challenges in today's fast-paced digital world. One of the key problems is the lack of control over IT service management, which often leads to unexpected issues and disruptions. Marval's service management solution addresses these challenges and empower you to regain control.

Real-time dashboards

In the dynamic business environment, having real-time visibility of critical business services, governance, and compliance-related issues is crucial. Marval's solution provides a secure and transparent environment that enables IT managers to gain immediate insights into their customer's current situation. By accessing graphical real-time management dashboards and reporting, IT managers can quickly assess the status of services and take proactive measures.

Best customer experience

Do you recognize the pain in handling customer requests efficiently?  Marval's innovative approach streamlines this process, enhancing the overall customer experience. Through Marval's solutions, you have instant access to customer details, call histories, useful knowledge items, FAQs, and checklists, all presented automatically. This level of comprehensive information empowers you to provide exceptional customer support.


Moreover, Marval's service management solution adheres to ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 standards and is ITIL certified compliant against 16 processes. This ensures that CIOs, IT managers, and anyone else within the business can rely on a trusted and industry-standard solution, giving them peace of mind.


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Solving tickets

The functionality of Marval's solutions is extensive. It covers incident management, guiding your department through the complete life cycle of incidents, from identification to resolution, closure, and communication. The solution integrates with related processes such as knowledge, configuration, service-level management reporting, and real-time dashboards. Additionally, depending on the choice of your Marval solution, we provide you integrated support for problem management, automating key processes like identification, classification, analysis, and resolution.

Delay in Changes

Are your changes not accepted or causing delays? Do you have the feeling this can be done more efficiently? We have the answer; Marval's Service Management solution offers a comprehensive set of features to address the challenges you may face with change management. We offer release and deployment features that ensure organised, scheduled, and risk-mitigated changes. You can also benefit from ITIL-based visual workflows that guide you through each core activity of change management.


Service level management is a critical functionality of Marval's solution. It incorporates service level agreement (SLA), operational level agreement (OLA), and underpinning contract (UC) management in the industry. The monitoring capabilities of the solution enable you to avoid potential SLA breaches and receive critical performance metrics proactively. This proactive approach helps predict and address potential problems before they escalate.

Customer Experience

What saves you time? Happy customers and an efficient service desk. 

The service desk function serves as a single point of contact, driving high levels of first-contact resolution, request fulfillment, and customer satisfaction. Designed to be the face of the IT department, the solution allows you to record, manage, solve, and report on customer issues and service requests related to the usage of IT infrastructure, resources, software, and IT services. Marval's solution provides comprehensive and easy-to-use facilities for managing an organisation's assets, inventory, contracts, licenses, configurations, attachments, and more.

With Marval's service management solution, you can standardise IT services and support delivery, leading to faster, better, and more cost-effective support services. By implementing best practices and automation provided by the solution, you can improve first-time fix rates, reducing the need for repeated support interactions and enhancing customer satisfaction.


In summary, Marval's service management solution empowers you to overcome the challenges you face in today's digital landscape. It provides real-time visibility, efficient incident and problem management, effective change management, and comprehensive service level management. With features designed to enhance the customer experience and streamline IT operations, the solution enables IT managers to deliver exceptional IT services, demonstrate value to the business, and achieve operational excellence.

Don't wait any longer. Experience the power of Marval's modern IT service management solution and transform your IT department today.

*features and functions mentioned can differ based on the solution you choose


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