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Simplify requests and modernize HR services with ITSM


For Human Resource (HR) Managers, Marval simplifies HR related requests to improve the employee experience and modernize HR services across the organization.

Human resource (HR) management is especially important in our knowledge-based economy, where ideas and expertise are greatly valued, and a creative and innovative workforce is necessary to meet the challenges of this new economy. Efficient and effective management of human capital is increasingly an imperative and complex process.

To manage such an important and diverse scope, Marval's software and its user configurable features will allow you to:

  • Quickly create customer surveys based on the service received and outcome
  • Obtain customer satisfaction rating based on the introduction of new services
  • Obtain feedback from customers relating to compliments and complaints
  • Allow customers, via the web portal, to seek advice from HR related to any aspect of their role
  • Identify knowledge gaps in the use of technology and services by customers
  • Increase professionalism of staff within the IT organization
  • Create interactive real time graphical dashboards and reports on HR related activities and outcomes

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