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Simplify requests and modernize HR services with ITSM


For Human Resource (HR) Managers, Marval simplifies HR related requests to improve the employee experience and modernize HR services across the organization.

As an HR manager, you know that people expect fast and convenient HR services in today's digital workplace, whether it is employees or customers. But delivering real-time and on-demand services can be a challenge. That's where MSM for HR comes in.

The employee experience

With Marval’s ITSM solution, you can streamline and automate your HR service delivery, which will help your employees be more productive and engaged. Imagine having efficient case management, onboarding, self-service, and back-to-work management all in one place. By unifying the employee experience across the business with service management, you can improve satisfaction and productivity by delivering service in line with today's modern consumer experiences.

Revolutionize Your HR Operations and Ensure Seamless Business Continuity

By automating and simplifying complicated employee onboarding and transition processes with intuitive dashboards, you can prompt HR staff through role-based workflows, streamline service delivery, and deliver a consistent employee experience. You can even integrate with other fulfillment teams like IT and Facilities in real-time to efficiently provision employees, drastically improving operational efficiency across the enterprise and ensuring business continuity.

By using intelligent knowledge and automated case management, each HR agent can be more efficient and support more employees. Most employee inquiries can be resolved with automated self-service for a consistent, on-demand response to various employee requests. Special requests can be routed to the right HR contact to support task ownership and accountability, and bulk case creation can be used to manage similar tasks efficiently. Use dynamic checklists to track case classifications; highly sensitive cases can be quickly secured with one-click limited access. Communications between your department and the employees have never been so smooth due to alerts that help you act within the SLA and documents logged at one location.  

With MSM for HR, you can also automate simple or complex end-to-end processes that involve multiple teams or departments. This creates a seamless service experience that routes requests to the right people for action.

The 24/7 self-service economy

Your employees can also benefit from on-demand service through employee self-service, allowing them to resolve most requests themselves. You can improve your HR services through valuable employee insights gathered from our analytics. Use survey results to gain deep insight from both solicited feedback and unsolicited feedback. Also, obtain feedback from customers relating to compliments and complaints. Keeping your system up-to-date means, you need to improve your service delivery continuously. Live dashboards, analytics, and reports give visibility into the volume and types of service requests and cases. This allows you to make better resource decisions and proactively improve services.

Lastly, you can support smart HR operations with an always-current source of information and analytics through the HR Knowledge Base. Filter employees' requests for personalized retrieval by employee status, geography, location, and role, so they receive only the information relevant to them.

In summary, Marval streamlines and automates your HR service delivery, ensuring a consistent and productive employee experience that can help drive business success.

*features and functions mentioned can differ based on the solution you choose



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