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Integration of Marval IT Service Management software with others


Maximize the value of your investment in IT

Accelerate workflow connectivity

Our Service Management solution is easy to integrate with other business apps.

From dev ops, collaboration apps, email, identity, and access to records management, Marval connects all your critical business apps to easily create end-to-end digital workflows across all departments and maximize ROI on your application investments.

A holistic view

By connecting IT, employee and customer workflows with Marval, it’s fast and easy to automate processes, rapidly remove departmental silos, enhance visibility and drive collaboration across your organization - while at the same time reducing costs, complexities, and risk.

Marval collates all types of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data from applications across the enterprise to deliver an enhanced, holistic view of the business and real-time actionable insights for your leadership team.

Marval's integrations

Marval has been integrated with a wide variety of software applications, and the creation of plug-ins adds to the versatility of the solution.

  • Directory Services 
  • Network Security & Monitoring 
  • Asset & Infrastructure Management 
  • Knowledge Management 
  • Unified Communications
  • Business Applications 
  • Inbound / Outbound Email
  • Calendar 

In order to make your life easier, we created off-the-shelf integrations for Marval with: 

PowerBI Integration ITSM Marval

Connect your Marval database to Microsoft's leading Data Visualization and Business Intelligence tool to create bespoke reports and dashboards. We have also created a set of standard report templates to assist the core Service Management roles in their tactical and strategic decision-making. Read here for more about our integration

Jira Integration ITSM Marval

This out-of-the-box integration can create, view, link and unlink JIRA issues within MSM. This integration allows you also to move the Marval request status during transitions. 

Slack Integration ITSM Marval

This plugin allows you to publish a request's details to a specific workspace in Slack. You can associate chats with a published request 

Bomgar Integration ITSM Marval

This plugin allows a Marval service desk user to Create a Bomgar session from any request. Notes are added to the Marval request at the start and end of Bomgar sessions. When a session is ended a link is added in the note for the Bomgar report.

Platforms Marval Customers also have integrated with:

Marval also provides a wide range of integration utilities and methods. In addition to standard WEB Services, integration methods include:

  • ASP.NET SignalR
  • Email business rules engine
  • Command line utilities for data import, export, and update
  • SNMP trap handling for raising alerts Marval provides user authentication and
    support for creating bespoke (or third-party) authentication, or using social media authentication providers such as Facebook, Twitter, or JIRA.

Marval provides user authentication and support for creating bespoke (or third-party) authentication, or using social media authentication providers such as Facebook, Twitter or JIRA. Currently supported authentication providers include Windows single sign-on, ADFS and LDAP. 

  • Write plugins (, Javascript ) that can appear on, interact with and extend on
    almost any web page within Marval:
  • Create and add new features to your Marval environment giving you a more bespoke feel
  • Allow customers to quickly build, change and integrate new features
  • Allow others to learn and contribute to the Marval platform

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