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Transform your IT Help Desk with our No-Code scalable solution

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Welcome to Marval Service Desk (MSD) – the no-code service desk solution designed for maturing organisations looking for more than just ticketing but not yet ready for a full-blown ITSM solution. With MSD, you can simplify your service management processes and improve your service delivery while keeping your sensitive data under your control. 

At Marval, we understand that every organization has different needs, so we offer highly configurable options that can adapt to your changing business requirements. 

Scalable solution

Depending on your business's requirements, you can choose from named or concurrent licenses, hosted or on-premise, subscription, or perpetual. Plus, our upgrade path to a full Service Management product allows you to maintain historical data for trend analysis and service improvements. [Read here about our full-blown Service Management solution].

Designed by our ITIL experts, our best practice out-of-the-box configuration means you can implement MSD in a few hours at minimal costs. The pre-configured incident management, service request, task, problem management processes, and detailed configuration document are all included. Plus, we offer technical and training services to ensure you get the most out of your investment. 


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These functionalities you can expect with MSD: 

  • Incident Management 

Designed to support your business operations and minimize the impact of incidents on your end users, with our solution, you can streamline your Incident Management process and ensure speedy resolutions. This means you can:  

  1. Quickly log, track, and manage incidents 
  2. Automatically assign tickets to relevant support teams 
  3. Automatically prioritize and escalate tickets based on their impact and urgency 
  4. Communicate and collaborate with stakeholders on incident status and resolution 
  5. Monitor and report on incident metrics to drive continuous service improvement 
  6. Maintain high levels of user satisfaction

Img: Incident Management

  • Service Request Management  

Designed to simplify service request fulfillment, reduce resolution time, and improve user satisfaction. With our solution, you can provide end-users with a consistent and efficient service experience, while freeing up your IT team to focus on more complex tasks.  

With our Service Request Management solution, you can: 

  1. Capture, track, and manage service requests from end-users 
  2. Categorize and prioritize service requests based on their urgency and impact 
  3. Accelerate and streamline the fulfillment process of standard service requests, making it quick and effortless for users 
  4. Provide end-users with self-service options for submitting and tracking service requests 
  5. Monitor and report on service request metrics to drive continuous service improvement 
  • Task Management 

Designed to help your organization streamline work processes, improve task visibility, and increase productivity. With our tool, you can ensure that tasks are completed on time and to the expected standard. 

With our Task Management solution, you can: 

  1. Create and assign tasks to individuals or teams 
  2. Set due dates and priorities for tasks 
  3. Track the progress of tasks and monitor their status 
  4. Manage dependencies between tasks 
  5. Collaborate with team members to complete tasks 
  6. Report on task metrics and KPIs 
  • Asset Management  

Designed to help your organization streamline asset management processes, improve visibility and control over your IT resources, and maximize return on investment. With our solution, you can ensure your IT assets are optimized and effectively utilized. 

With our Asset Management solution, you can: 

  1. Track and monitor all assets in your organization 
  2. Record and maintain detailed asset information, including purchase history, warranty details, and standard configuration data 
  3. Monitor asset usage and performance to identify potential issues and opportunities for optimization 
  4. Ensure compliance with regulatory and licensing requirements 
  5. Plan for asset replacement and retirement to minimize downtime and cost 
  • Knowledge Items  

Our Service Desk solution with Incident Management coverage offers a knowledge management feature that enables you to create, store, and manage knowledge articles related to common issues and questions. With the ability to search and filter articles by keywords and tags, your support staff can quickly find the information they need to resolve customer issues. Additionally, our tool allows you to restrict access to knowledge articles based on access groups, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access sensitive information. Overall, our knowledge management feature helps improve your service desk’s efficiency and enhance the quality of customer support your organization provides. 

  • Self-Service Starter

This is a feature that enables end-users to perform tasks and MSD provides a user-friendly interface that allows end-users to submit requests, and track their status easily. This feature helps reduce the Service Desk’s workload and provides end-users a faster and more efficient service. 

  • AD Integration

This solution facilitates the integration of Marval Service Desk (MSD) with your organization's Active Directory or LDAP server. With this utility, you can synchronize MSD with your LDAP server, which makes it easier for your team to manage user accounts and credentials and control access to MSD. It will require additional technical services for your implementation.  

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Our Quick start technical services Package include:  

  1. Installation: Two days. 1 for the Staging system and 1 for Production system.   
  2. Operational training: ½ day

You'll be ready to start and configuring your environment in only 2,5 days! 

Optional services:  

  • VPN integration and organizational structure creation: days subject to scoping 
  • system configuration training: 2 days 

Don't wait any longer to simplify your service management processes and improve service delivery. Request more information or a short demo today to see how MSD can work for your organization. 

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