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Problem Management

Problem Management

ITIL Problem management process definition

According to the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) framework, a problem is defined as a cause or potential cause of one or more incidents. This means that a problem is not just a single incident but rather a recurring or underlying issue that may lead to multiple incidents over time.

The ITIL Problem Management process is one that aims to prevent incidents and minimize their impact on IT services and the business as a whole. It involves identifying and recording problems, analyzing their root causes, and determining and implementing corrective actions to prevent their recurrence. The process also includes monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness of the solutions implemented to ensure that the problems have been resolved or mitigated. 

Problem Management within Marval MSM

Integrated Support for Problem Management Automate key processes related to problem management, including identifying and classifying, investigating and analyzing; implementing workarounds and known errors; identifying root causes, and providing resolution.

  • Easily customize ITIL problem management processes to support your IT team's unique requirements.
  • MSM can automatically close all linked incidents and notify end-users. 
  • Automatically create, populate, and link problem incidents, problem change records, and knowledge items.
  • End-to-End View of the Problem Life Cycle - Get a 360-degree view of the ITIL problem management process with the ability to easily log, edit, track easily, and report on problem records.
  • Management Overview Dashboard - Use the real-time MSM problem management dashboard and quickly see your key problem metrics in a single view.
  • Meaningful Reports and Dashboards.

Problem Management MSM


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