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  • standards are being used every day in all aspects of our daily lives

Support ITSM Industry Standards with Marval

We may not be aware of them, but we use standards every day in all aspects of our daily lives – in ICT, communications, media, healthcare, food, transport, construction, furniture and energy.

With the adoption of quality standards:

  • Organizations can become more competitive
  • Service providers can become more responsive
  • Your internal IT service is more likely to be chosen
  • You enable your team to actively support the business strategy
  • You demonstrate commitment to quality

If you want to adopt or utilise standards in IT Service Management, then Marval will help you manage and collect hard audit evidence to show your IT is delivering true value, and is agile and adapt in its support of business objectives and outcomes.

As Marval has been designed by one of the co-authors of both ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000, it automatically supports the collection, process support, audit evidence and reporting requirements to achieve accreditation. Using Marval MSM will provide you with a competitive edge, the ability to demonstrate your visible commitment to quality and the provision of IT services, and the attainment of operational excellence.


  • Standardised approach to service delivery
  • Provide economies of scale and increased value
  • Ability for suppliers and partners to work together
  • Ability for suppliers and partners to be benchmarked
  • Mitigate risk and cost when changing suppliers
  • Reduced operational and training costs

Marval will also support many other industry good practices and standards, including ISO 27001, Lean Six Sigma, SOX, IT4IT, CMMI and SDI service desk standards.