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Introducing MSD

Press release

Marval, a thought leader of innovative IT solutions, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated launch of MSD, "Marval Service Desk",  a cutting-edge service desk solution designed to revolutionise how organisations manage their IT Help Desks. With a strong focus on security, scalability, and efficiency, MSD is set to redefine service management for maturing organisations seeking more than just ticketing.

MSD, is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of organisations that require exceptional security and governance. By offering an on-premise or private cloud solution, Marval ensures that businesses can maintain full control over their sensitive data while enjoying the benefits of a streamlined and user-friendly service desk.

According to Glenn Schwarz, our esteemed Australian Country Director, "At Marval, we understand that many organisations have outstanding security and governance needs that cannot be compromised. With MSD, we provide a game-changing solution that allows these companies to leverage the power of a service desk while maintaining complete control over their data. Our on-premise or private cloud offering sets us apart from the competition, as we prioritize the security and privacy of our customers' information."

MSD offers a range of powerful features and functionalities, including incident management, service request management, task management, asset management, and knowledge management. With its intuitive interface and best practice out-of-the-box configuration, MSD enables organisations to streamline their Service Desk processes, accelerate resolution times, and enhance overall productivity. With our no-code solution, you can start your journey with only 2.5 days of our help!

Key features of MSD include:

  1. Highly Configurable Options: MSD offers flexible licensing models, allowing organisations to choose between named or concurrent licenses, private hosted or on-premise deployment, and subscription or perpetual licensing. This adaptability ensures businesses can align their service desk solution with their evolving business requirements.
  2. Scalable Solution: Whether your organisation is experiencing growth, you have a dedicated project, or you anticipate increased demand, MSD's scalable solution can effortlessly accommodate your evolving needs. With the option to upgrade to a full Service Management product, businesses can maintain historical data for trend analysis and service improvements.
  3. Robust Security and Compliance: MSD places data security and compliance paramount. By offering an on-premise or private cloud solution, organisations can maintain strict control over their sensitive data, ensuring compliance with regulatory and licensing requirements.
  4. Seamless Integration: MSD seamlessly integrates with existing IT infrastructure, enabling a smooth transition and minimal disruption to current workflows. Businesses can streamline user account management and access control by integrating with Active Directory or LDAP servers.
  5. Dedicated Customer Support: Marval is committed to exceptional customer support. Our dedicated team of experts is readily available to assist organisations throughout the implementation process and beyond, ensuring a seamless and successful experience with MSD.

To celebrate the launch of MSD, Marval is offering exclusive introductory packages, providing organisations with an opportunity to experience the benefits of this game-changing service desk solution firsthand. Take your IT Help Desk to new heights with MSD and witness the transformation of your service management processes.

For more information about MSD and to schedule a demo, please visit our website or contact our sales team at [email protected].

About Marval

For over three decades, Marval has been dedicated to simplifying the lives of service professionals. Our award-winning service management software, MSM, has been implemented by hundreds of customers worldwide, with quick and efficient deployment. With a strong focus on security, scalability, and customer satisfaction, we deliver cutting-edge solutions that drive business success.